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Joint Action: What Is Shared? (2011)

by Stephen A. Butterfill and Natalie Sebanz (eds.)

---Review of Philosophy and Psychology 2(2)
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A collection of papers by philosophers and cognitive scientists on joint action and shared intention.


  1. Stephen A. Butterfill and Natalie Sebanz: Editorial: Joint Action: What Is Shared?
  2. Dorit Wenke, Silke Atmaca, Antje Holländer: What is Shared in Joint Action? Issues of Co-representation, Response Conflict, and Agent Identification
  3. Elisabeth Pacherie: Framing Joint Action
  4. Celia A. Brownell: Early Developments in Joint Action
  5. Thomas H. Smith: Playing One's Part
  6. Jay R. Elliott: Stag Hunts and Committee Work: Cooperation and the Mutualistic Paradigm
  7. Christopher Woodard: Rationality and the Unit of Action
  8. Axel Seemann: Joint Motor Action and Cross-Creature Embodiment
  9. Giovanni Pezzulo: Shared Representations as Coordination Tools for Interaction
  10. Olle Blomberg: Socially Extended Intentions-in-Action
  11. John Michael: Shared Emotions and Joint Action