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Tool Use and Causal Cognition (2012)

by Teresa McCormack, Christoph Hoerl and Stephen A. Butterfill (eds)

---, Oxford: Oxford University Press; ISBN: 9780199571154
--- links: external [doi: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199571154.001.0001] [publisher's page]


A collection of essays by philosophers and cognitive scientists on tool use and causal cognition.


  1. Teresa McCormack, Christoph Hoerl, & Stephen A. Butterfill: Tool Use and Causal Cognition: An Introduction
  2. Jim Woodward: A Philosopher Looks at Tool Use and Causal Understanding
  3. Melissa L. Greif & Amy Needham: The Development of Tool Use Early in Life
  4. Daniel Povinelli & Derek C. Penn: Through a Floppy Tool Darkly: Toward a Conceptual Overthrow of Animal Alchemy
  5. Amanda Seed, Daniel Hanus, & Josep Call: Causal Knowledge in Corvids, Primates and Children: More Than Meets the Eye?
  6. Brian J. Edwards, Benjamin M. Rottman, & Laurie R. Santos: The Evolutionary Origins of Causal Cognition: Learning and Using Causal Structures
  7. Teresa McCormack & Christoph Hoerl: Tool Use, Planning, and Future Thinking in Children and Animals
  8. Christopher Peacocke: Representing Causality
  9. John Campbell: Why Do Language and Tool Use Both Count as Manifestations of Intelligence?
  10. Georg Goldenberg: Effects of brain damage on human tool use
  11. Lucilla Cardinali, Claudio Brozzoli, Francesca Frassinetti, Alice C. Roy, Alessandro Farnè: Human tool-use: a causal role in plasticity of bodily and spatial representations
  12. Charles Spence: Tool-use and the representation of peripersonal space in humans